About us

About us

MARTONAS private limited liability company was established in 1994. At Kalvarijų g. 53 it had a small shop of spare parts. A year later, it opened a repair shop. Currently, the workshop has 5 lifts for cars.

With expanding scope of operation, in the beginning of 2000 the company opened a new modern car repair centre at Asanavičiūtės g. 17. There the company has a large spare parts store, a repair shop, as well as a cosy fast food cafe BUGA.

In December 2002 we opened a newly constructed service station at Justiniškių g. 14, named 4 x 4.  This workshop repairs not only cars but also SUVs, vans, and other heavier transport. We offer a wide range of spare parts at our shop. The service is open 7 days a week.

Our company specialises not only in cars, but also in the repair of trucks. In the beginning of May 2006 the company opened a specialized truck service workshop at Meistrų g. 13. Currently, our company can offer all automotive repair, maintenance and upgrade services to customers.

In December 2007, after the reorganization, our company was merged with UAB Karoliniškių Martonas. MARTONAS service network was supplemented by automotive bodywork and painting service workshop at Barsukynės g. 15.

Since the end of 2007 MARTONAS also provides car rental services and sells cars.

UAB Martonas is the official representative of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Baltics, one of the largest tire and other rubber products manufacturing and trading enterprises, in Lithuania.

As much attention is given to the service personnel training and upgrade of qualification (each year our employees participate in about 50 specialized training not only in Lithuania, but also abroad), our company employs excellent professionals who know their job.

Our team is working purposefully in creating innovations that improve customer car maintenance, saving them time and financial resources. At present, efficient use of resources is all very relevant to everyone. We have considerable experience in this area. To reduce the cost of operating the car, we have been carrying out the performance tests of components offered by manufacturers, for 7 years. Thanks to this system we managed to save about 30% of the funds allocated for repairs a year. In order to determine the actual PRICE AND PERFORMANCE RATIO OF SPARE PARTS, we install spare parts of different manufacturers to our cars, and record the price of component and its replacement, and the time of service. By applying this method, we succeeded to determine the most useful details for cars. Often the most optimal option is mounting the original detail, but sometimes – just one of the cheapest on the market. We mounted the details selected according to the system in our cars and recommend them to Martonas customers.

Our territory and premises are equipped with security systems and we have a special hangar and the closed and fenced area for car parking at Barsukynės g. 15.

UAB Martonas is insured with general liability insurance.

The insurance is valid:

–  third-party liability of activities;

– product third-party liability;

– third-party liability for damage caused to the entrusted assets.

We have thought-out strategies based on comprehensive and high-quality customer service, and thanks to intensive development and activity, from December 22, 2003 UAB Martonas has implemented and operates the quality management system according to the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001:2008 (registration of the certificate of conformity No. 9000-324); since June 4, 2010 at will operate the environmental management system according to LST EN ISO 14001:2005 (registration of the certificate of conformity No. 14000-080). Following the quality management system procedures approved in the company, and in order to ensure the maximum quality of services, we carry out scheduled audits of our services and make decisions for performance improvement. In order to clarify customer needs and expectations, we conducted a survey and found that the place of the delivery of car for repair and its collection after repair, along with the car acceptance procedure (car transportation after the accident), operative coordination of damage with insurance companies and car repair, are all very convenient for our customers. Customers willingly choose us also because we not only can take care of the consequences of a traffic event but also suspensions and/or aggregates repairs, maintenance, and computer based automotive control system diagnostics not related with insurance.

Guarantees are provided in accordance with the Lithuanian standard LST 1438 “Cars. Maintenance and repair”.

Quality phone 8 612 22824.