Car services in Vilnius


Both new and old car has a very bad weakness – it can be broken. Of course, owners of new cars do not feel that so often, but if you drive not a “young” vehicle, you should know that you have to visit the car service quite often. Consider yourself lucky if your car decides not to move any further near a company providing such services. But on the other hand, it seems like car services in Vilnius are situated to make a huge web. Services in this city can be found virtually on every corner, so often you can indeed find a garage not far from your broken car.

If your unwell car can freely continue the trip, without causing danger to you and without jeopardising other vehicles in traffic, you can go to your favourite place of repair. Moreover, often service stations can bring broken vehicles to their workshops for free. Competition in the capital city is high, therefore car services in Vilnius will make every effort to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Have you ever wondered what automotive service criteria would force you to be a loyal customer and always entrust your car exclusively to the same car repair workshop? Of course, first of all, the owner of a broken car is interested in the repair cost and time. The quicker a person can use their four-wheeled friend again, the better his mood will be. In such case, even higher repair costs may be less painful. After all, we all know how disappointing is not to have your main working tool – the car – for several hours, days or even a week. Of course, you should consider complexity of the fault, because not in all cases the car can be repaired immediately. Longer repair time is determined by the search and supply of spare parts, or unforeseen circumstances, such as rusty screw that cannot be easily removed, improper delivered component or the cause of failure which is very difficult to determine. The car service “kitchen” is really a complex and fast-acting mechanism used to instantly respond to sudden changes in circumstances.

In the event of unforeseen work, Vilnius car services are often willing to help the customer, sometimes offering him a replacement car so that he would continue the planned work. After all, you can go extra mile for the customer.

Good service – can it be less appreciated than the car repair speed and the cost of work? This factor is also very important, so the emotions of the client leaving his car in the service are very important. Everything depends on the car service receptionist who must listen to the named car problems or help to identify them, and invigorate the customer that his car will be properly and promptly taken care of. Same pleasant communication is necessary when returning the repaired car to the customer. Repair of the car explained in detail will not give rise to additional questions to the customer, he will know what he pays for and next time he will come to the same car service again.

Car services in Vilnius are ready to accept every car in distress. Whether it's a change of engine or replacement of a tire. Competition dictates working conditions, and the customer always has the right to choose. Undivided attention to the car, good service, friendly advice, timely quality work as promised and affordable pricing will make every broken car owner to bring his car to that workshop without much thinking from the other end of the city of Vilnius.

If all these constituents are present, even such a nasty thing as a car failure may not ruin our mood. If the car is in operation – it is natural that it should visit the place where it is taken care of.

The company's car service centres are equipped with the certified equipment compliant with basic requirements, ensuring extremely high quality of automotive repair with minimal time input: BOSCH computer stands, HUNTER suspension geometry stands, ECONLIFT, NUSBAUM, CORGHI, MAHA lifts, CORCHI, SICAM, MB wheel mounting and balancing machines, TECHNOCOLOR, CANDELIC lighting control devices, BOSCH automatic air conditioning filling station and other equipment. We can repair 40 vehicles are mysteriously.

Car repairs are carried out in accordance with LST EN ISO 9001:2008 and LST EN ISO 14001:2005 standards, and requirements of car and spare part manufacturers. After repairs the cars comply with the requirements of manufacturers and the requirements for road vehicles of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. Knowledgeable professionals will service your cars in our service stations. Each year, we perform the metalworker certification according to 5 categories. Our employees participate in seminars, training courses and lectures on a regular basis.