UAB Martonas is the official representative of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Baltics, one of the largest tire and other rubber product manufacturing and trading enterprises, in Lithuania. Our team is working purposefully in creating innovations that improve customer car maintenance, saving them time and financial resources. At present, efficient use of resources becomes especially relevant for many businesses and we have considerable experience in this area. Our fleet consists of over 50 vehicles (delivery vehicles) that drive over 5,000 km a month. To reduce your car maintenance cost of 1 km, we regularly carry out the efficiency study of various spare parts offered by suppliers. In order to determine the actual price-quality ratio of spare parts, we use details from different manufacturers to our cars, and which the price of a particular manufacturer for a hundred of kilometers in mileage. Taking into consideration the duration of use, the quality and price ratio, we choose the best option, which we offer to our customers.

Dunlop tires

Tires are some of the most important components of the car. They not only give the car an opportunity to stay on the road, but also ensure safety, therefore, drivers are required to keep track of their car’s tire condition and change them depending on the seasons.

During the winter season cars must drive with winter tires and in summer they should have the summer �footwear�. Of course, in both the cold and warm season a car can have a versatile option � tires, which can be used in both summer and winter. However, this solution is not highly recommended. All this we can compare, for example, with universal shoes, suitable for all seasons � it may be too cold with them in winter, and in summer you may want to kick them off your feet� So winter tires are best in winter, and summer tires are best in summer! Both the first and the second are used for a certain time of the year, and will perfectly fit their purpose and allow you to enjoy the journey. All-season tires are advisable to those who travel little, and their travel itinerary stretches on well known, and well maintained roads.

In winter you can also use studded tires, which provide good traction on snow and ice-covered roads, and also in areas with low maintenance. It is necessary to remember that studded tires are allowed in Lithuania from November 1 to April 10, and winter tyres must be mounted on your cars until 10 November. If you currently have to travel to a foreign country, you must remembered that in many of them studded tires are prohibited, including our closest neighbours Latvia and Poland.

You can ride in normal winter tires (stud-free) all year round, the road traffic rules do not have anything prohibiting it, but in the warm seasonally lose their properties completely, featuring rapid wear on the hot asphalt and increasing the risk on the road. Therefore, if the traffic conditions from April 10 allow for safe driving, a car should have summer tires � and that’s worth doing.